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Still Life Painting

Still life paintings are usually flowers, fruits, pots, chair, table etc. These are the objects that do not have any self moving power or life. Artists are regularly doing painting with these objects, with the intention to make them very lively and attractive. Still life painting readily allows the viewer to contemplate and appraise the judgment and coordination of artist's eye and hand. Still life owes its composition to the painter and seems to represent everyday reality. It suggests musical notation. Artist's attitude towards life is manifested through the modest objects soliciting painted in the canvas. The place occupied by the objects, the empty spaces around the proportion - everything plays a part.

From around 70 AD in Pompeii to today, still life painting has always been a major line of work in the world of art and painting. In ancient Greek society, Egyptian tombs, middle age Europe and in almost every civilization, still life painting had a 'language'. These paintings 'speak' for those civilizations - the things they used, items they possessed. These artworks are so wonderfully done that those objects are defined in a new meaning. Syful Islam from our everyday objects, has created some fascinating paintings - of flowers etc with wonderful color composition and brilliant stroke of brushes.

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