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Portrait Painting

Portrait has no subsitute. It is a tradition to have protrait painting of someone's ancestors. In fine art, portrait painting is the most demanding and skillful art works amongst all other subjects. Since historical time, wealthy people of the society are the patrons of portrait paintings. These paintings in one way expresses the 'Mark' one leaves on the society and in another way expresses the inner depth of someone's character, their thoughts and personality.

This is true that an artist holds a mirror upto nature. The mirror is a metaphor for truth and art. It identifies who and where we are. Faces has become the surrogate for the whole 'Man'. The painters see the mind through the face. The artists know the face in subtle ways beyond our usual knowledge of it. The eye affords him 'a window to the soul'. Syful Islam's compelling achievement rests in his search for identifying the features of the inner and outer man. With his magic in colors and rythm of his hand casting that magic on a canvas - has soon enabled him to bloom out that 'inner-self' of a person in the canvas. In his long journey as an artist, he has made portraits of such personalities other artists can only dream of.

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