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Syful had in innovative attitude from childhood - started making drawing and sculpture when he was a student of class III. In higher school he was known as an amateur painter in Kushtia town. His aim of life was to be a painter. In class VIII & IX in Serajganj, Mr. Nogen Roy - a prominent commercial artist, inspired Syful too much to be on artist. Truly speaking Nogen Roy is the only teacher in Syful’s life.

From his childhood, Syful was very much fond of old classical paintings like Renaissance paintings, Russians and Chinese revolutionary paintings. His most favorite painter is Rembrand and Sculpturist was Henry Moor.

From 1968 to 1980 syful struggled hard to stand by own feet along with his perseverance in Dhaka, His firm determination, tireless perseverance, discipline and punctuality took him to him his goal, though it took quite a long time.

Syful believes in ‘Honesty, Sincerity and Punctuality’ - The one thing he is still carrying with him.

His art work is not confined in one style - but all types of art works. He has got efficiency in Portrait painting. Bangladeshi landscape, Still life painting and Modern Compositions. Syful Islam is very famous in painting modern Islamic Calligraphy in the world. He made popular Islamic Calligraphy paintings in Bangladesh as a pioneer.
Syful gets pleasure in doing super classical paintings, and He simply says “Old master’s works of the world are the treasures of the world so it is above all".

Syful Islam is a noble gentleman, well behaved and modern thinking human being. His philosophy is - Life is happy and fulfilled only when you can make other people happy.

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