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One of the most enduring concerns of the modern artist has been to make his profession and art responsive to the needs of the society. The creative artists cannot remain satisfied with a stereotyped form. He exercises with different colours and forms. Nature and self made pattern becomes persistent with him. But an inner surge for something new alwaus guides him.

Syful Islam believes that nothing is man made and everything flows from the concerns of divine beauty. So he starts seeing the insight into it. With his powerful imagination and extra ordinary ability with brushes and paint, soon he started to bring the small elements of this planet into his canvas. With his imagination behind his brushes, soon those elements started to convey the inner beauty of itself – giving art a new meaning. In every artwork the simplest things around us come alive with wonderful composition of color and harmony. These paintings not only expresses Syful’s ability to see everything but also tells us how wonderful the simplest ‘everyday thing’ around us can be.

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