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To love nature is the inborn urge of every human being. The Earth is the source, sustenance and future of the lives of artists. Nature has given man his form, but through art man has given new forms to nature : art is, to become more specific, nature having passed through man. Marciful Allah is the only creator of the whole universe. Though it is beyond possible for a mere human being to depict the details of natural beauty, artists are even then, trying to copy nature, with the intention to keep those beauties infront of our eyes.

Syful Islam has long been fascinated by the beauties of Bangladesh and her nature. The more he saw, the more he fell in love with nature. After sometime, he decided to pour the color of his mind into the canvas. With his insightful imagination and magic with paint-brush, soon he was able to reflect Bangladeshi natrue in numerous eye catching, breathe-taking landscapes. This landscapes tell the tale of our 'Green', our rivers, our sky and our horizon - the clouds just before rain or the sun glowing in the green field - he painted it all. These landscapes illuminates not only his love for nature but also his experties in canvas, his power of imagination and his tastes.

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