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Syful Islam and his Life as a Student

Syful’s primary education started in a Christian Missionary School in Kushtia. In class III he stood 1st in Pencil drawing. From class VIII to IX he was a student in Serajganj Victoria School, After that, Pabna R.M. Academy. In Serajganj Sree Nagen Roy inspired Syful to set his path fine art.

In 1962, he sat for the Metric Exam. The first time he failed. 2nd time he passed and took admission in Kushtia Govt. College in 1963. From 1963 to 1967 during his college time he was known as an artist rather that the commerce student.

Teacher Dr. Anwarul Karim, Ombikadas, Professor Nurul Islam and Mr. Siddiqur Rahman - a prominent writer encouraged Syful to be an artist rather than a commerce educationist.

During these four years he does many Bengali heroes Portraits for Kushtia Public library and organized his 1st solo art exhibition in Kushtia District council Hall inaugurated by the then east Pakistan D.C Mr. Sohel Ahmed. In the exhibition Syful displayed his life’s best creative oil painting named “Last Judgement of Denial”.

Then as a M.Com. student in Rajshahi University, Syful threw his life in a greater circle, he started feeling himself smaller as a commerce student of master degree. There he met and came close to Dr. Shamsuzzoha, Dr. Mazharul Islam, Dr. Zillur Rahman Siddiqui, Dr. Fazlul Haq Chowdhury, Professor Rafiqul Islam V.C, Professor Mohd. Shamsul Haq, Dr. Mazid Khan. Everybody told him to take a leap in fine arts. 1968 Syful did a solo art exhibition in Zuberi Hall of Rajshahi University. During the exhibition Syful met the then East Pakistan Chief Justice B.A Siddique, Dr. G.C. Dev, Dr. Zaved Iqbal, Dr. Gankovsky and many more. The same year Syful quit his M.Com study and returned to Kushtia for doing painting.

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