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Calligraphic Painting

Only two alphabets have acquired their distinctive position in the world of calligraphy – the art of beautiful writing and composition. These are Chinese and Arabic alphabets. Islamic calligraphy is becoming gradually more emphatic and popular. Islamic calligraphy has established its aesthetic depth in its creation through devoted artists. Though Arab countries are the main practicing land of Islamic calligraphy, now it has spread all over the world as the verses of The Holy Qur’an are accepted all over the world.

Syful islam has already made a pleasant mark in matters of calligraphy painting having beautiful consistency coupled with suggestions of Islamic values. He is the only painter in Bangladesh who is devoted in Islamic calligraphy and has been working in this field since the birth of free Bangladesh. Syful Islam made Islamic calligraphy popular very widely through Government’s co-operation in Bangladesh. His hard work has enabled him to successfully conduct numerous exhibitions over the years – in home and abroad.

Syful Islam also introduced Bengali Calligraphy painting in 1990. Alongside with Islamic calligraphies, his Bengali calligraphic artworks are also as bold and artistic. Professor Kabir Chowdhury expressed his heartiest congratulations for creating Bengali calligraphy paintings as a new dimension of artwork in Bangladesh. Undoubtedly Syful’s calligraphic creations are a pride of Bangladesh art arena. His efforts are not only pioneering but also a source of new light of new world for Bangladeshi artists.

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